Types of Indian woodwork – Buy rajasthani furniture online

Types of Indian woodwork – Buy rajasthani furniture online

Rajasthan is a land of beautiful palaces and interior of these palaces define royalty and amazing craftsmanship. Intrusive art of carving and painting on rajasthani furniture has taken major place in interior designing worldwide. These handmade furniture and decorative items have been continuing to beautify our homes in present modern era too. Here are the types of Indian woodwork available in India.

Types of woodwork:-

Indian hand painted furniture – in Rajasthan, painting furniture is becoming famous all over the world. It has become so popular that now art work like embossing, miniature, etc. are also painted on indian style furniture. The process of painting furniture can be different. Some paintings are directly drawn on wood pieces and then assembled to make product. There is also another technique where wood is carved with small tools and these carved nerves are filled with colours. Once the painting is finished on wood, a process is done to make wood smooth and glossy. It is also polished to preserve the longevity of wood.

Carved wooden furniture – wooden carving can be found in many states of India and every state has its own speciality of carving. Carving is done completely by hand to give wood antique look. The process of carving begins with drawing that is transferred on wood by using paper. When the paper is placed on wood it can either be traced using pen from top of paper or ink on the paper can directly be transferred or printed on wood. Then the carving begins by using small chisels by craftsman. The end process is always same for all type of woodwork which is buffing/ polishing.

Distressed or reclaimed wooden furniture – this type of furniture is affordable and perfect for people who like antique interior. It comes in different colors like pink, green, grey, etc. Since these products are remade from old wood, they are tested well for quality and durability. The main stages in the process are abrading and painting which are the main work that gives product an antique look. However they need extra care and maintenance but they are worth it.

Bone inlay furniture – it is one of the most famous hand crafted wood work in India. It is also easy but very intricate craft work at the same time. To begin the process of inlay, firstly bones (mother of pearl too) are peeled and cut into leaf-shaped pieces then they are pasted and affixed on pre-carved wooden pieces. Many colors can be given by filling colors in the pieces of bones. Inlay furniture in India is famous because of quality work.

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