Handicraft industry in India

Handicraft industry in India

Knowing the fact that indian handicraft industry is the largest contributor in Indian economy as it gives maximum employment in India, government has been providing support and encouragement. India’s rich heritage culture and art can be seen through the craftsmanship skills of indian artists. Coming from rural and cottage industry, handicrafts has now become one of the most important export product.

History – Lord vishwakarma was praised in Mahabharatha as the lord of thousand handicrafts. It has description of beautifully hand crafted pieces such as flying chariots and weapons. He is worshipped by craftsmen and artisans in India. Handicraft grew during Indus valley civilization when daily use items such as sculptures, utensils, pottery, etc. were hand made. Local trade of these hand crafted items started during this era people started getting good money on beautiful and intricate designs. Clay, stone, wood and then precious metal like silver were used in making decorative items. Now jewellery, textile, stone sculpture, leather work and wooden handicraft have evolved with creativity.

Handicraft industry in India – UK, USA and UAE are the top most countries for import of arts and crafts from India. It has outgrown from small scale or cottage industries to large scale export businesses. The growth has been possible with increase in designing and learning institutions both private and government. Both men and women are given training in area of their interests by these institutes. India has more such artists who have received skills from their fathers and forefathers. Rajasthan is famous for its incredible hand crafted handicrafts and arts.

Modern handicrafts by Adikul Arts – Adikul has brought such antique and hand crafted products which tell a story of Rajasthan and its art. From antique wooden furniture to bone inlay intricate work, we present a huge range of designs in all our products. Some products like bone inlay table, Buddha statues, garden sphere balls, sandstone chair, reclaimed wooden dining table, antique wooden chair, rajasthani doors and windows, wooden high chair, sandstone and marble fountains, cabinets, side boards, drawers, coffee table, dresser, bone inlay chest, mop chair, stone figures and lot more. We welcome you to explore our range of products made by utmost love and craftsmanship!

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