Camel Bone Furniture – A Unique Art of Furniture

Camel Bone Furniture – A Unique Art of Furniture

Camel is the ship of the desert. It is a giant and very tolerant animal. This animal is no longer found in the forests. Only a hump camel is found in India. The number of camels in Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab etc. is high. Camels can be used in addition to transportation, farming, and business. The Camel Bone Furniture has a contemporary style in keeping with the age-old ethnicity that creates a range of furniture. Such furniture is stylish, long lasting and functional.

Leather skins also work to make boxes, suitcases, coupons etc. Some good samples of handicrafts have been made on camel skins in Bikaner. Bones of Camel is hard and there are many different types of furniture can be designed. There are many camel products that come in handy. Leather camels, flesh, raw bones, milk, and fertilizers are obtained from the camels.

The Art of Camel Bone Furniture in Rajasthan:

Rajasthan is always famous for craft and art. The furniture also has a special place in Rajasthan craftsmanship. In Jodhpur, you will find some of the finest colonial furniture factories inspired by royal antiques. In the work of carved wood are added mother-of-pearl and camel-bone inlays, or decorations with miniatures that tell battles and princely love stories. The art of making furniture from Camel Bones is unique state of Rajasthan in India. There are many cities make furniture but Jodhpur is famous among all. This skill is being passed from generation to generation.

The Process of Camel Bone Furniture:

Usually, it is a very simple process of making furniture from Camel Bones. Firstly, all the camel bones are collected and then artist design them with the hand-carved and give it a delicate and beautiful shape. In the next process, these hand-carved pieces are affixed on the frames of wooden furniture. And then give them intricate patterns. And finally, in the last stage, it fills around with the colored resin background. Thus, Craftsmen from Rajasthan delicately shape remains of such camel bone into the beautiful floral or different beautiful designs. Which is to be set into resins of various colors to make a visually beautiful effect. Apart from the furniture, there are many different items also can be made such as gift items, boxes, showcases, mirror, table, and many items.

These various types of camel bone furniture are not only selling within India but the people of Rajasthan export around the world. And there is a huge demand across the globe.

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